Sales Operations

Sales Operations are an enabler for any successful sales organization.
Efficient Sales Operations enable an organization to generate and process leads better,  to set up effective incentive programs, and analyze sales activities and results better. 
Typically, these tasks are handled by dedicated and specialized teams within the sales organization, so that sales teams can close more deals faster.

Sales Operations

Sales  Effectiveness 

Salespersons should do what they do best, i.e. to sell. 

Using salespersons for non-sales-related processes is a waste of resources.

Lead Times & Capacity

Shorter process lead times for order management increase the capacity of the entire sales organization.

Data- & Information Management

Sales is the interface to the customer and generates numerous data. Dedicated sales operations support to convert these data into information relevant for sales.

Sales tools (CRM) are constantly changing.

Interface Management

Sales operations act as internal interfaces to other company areas. For example, as part of cross-divisional projects and strategic programs (in particular pricing).

Sales Process

A successful sales organization usually performs the following activities. Sales Operations teams run the processes and tasks that are not directly related to selling activities.

Market analysis

1. Carry out Market Research

2. Identify target customers and attractive segments (Lead Management)

3. Get in touch with prospective customers


4. Present product/service 

5. Follow up if necessary

6. Close deal and contract

Deliver Product/Service and After Sales Service

7. Deliver product/service 

8. Deliver after-sales services

9. Collect cash

10. Monitor customer satisfaction and 
    ensure retention

Optimize your order management to improve results and returns

Dedicated and specialized sales operations teams support salespeople, so that they have more time for actual sales.

Exemplary tasks for sales operations are: define sales areas, develope incentive systems, carry out (data) analysis, monitor target achievement and many more.

You can apply lean management principles and tools within sales operations effectively as for the optimization of production processes.


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